Sunday, July 06, 2014

A case for removable lugs...

I was looking at and studying about the brand Zenith when I notice their Pilot range of watches. Interesting. 

Some of the watches in the Pilot range. 

What caught my eyes was this photograph. Why? The screws on the lugs. At first I thought they were the screws that holds the straps in place. But I noticed that they were very near the case. So I consulted my friend (who is a Zenith expert of sorts….) and evidently the screws allows the removal the lugs to facilitate strap change. How cool is that. 

Photographs: Zenith

I also realised that it is also an interesting design as it allows for the lugs to be changed if the lugs even gets damaged without the need to change the entire case, thus saving money. Cool….

Anyway, here are a couple of my watches that have removable lugs. 

My Bell&Ross Airborne II. The two screws hold the lugs in place. 

A closer view. 

My Bell&Ross BR01-92.

My Panerai Radiomir PAM000210.

Closer view.

The argument for removable lugs? When you are an elephant like me….

You don't have to change the entire case, just the lugs….

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