Monday, July 14, 2014

Tudor bracelet

It is interesting how the day starts and ends up being an item of research and discussion. This is a wrist shot of a Tudor on the wrist of a good friend. 

Notice anything interesting about the photograph? The end links on the watch does is not flush with the sides of the lugs. Evidently he was using a bracelet from another Tudor on the Black Bay. The bracelet is from the Heritage Chrono Blue. 

Another view of the watch and the bracelet. 

There is a gap between the top of the end link and the bottom of the bezel .

Another view. 

See the gap between the end link and the lugs. 

This is the end links of the Heritage Chrono Blue. The end links is marked 675. 

Closer view. The numbers are in the centre of the link. 

This is the end link of the Black Bay. It is marked 681 and it is at the side of the end link.

On closer inspection, there are other markings on the bracelet. Both the bracelet have these common numbers, 95740. We suspect this is the part number of the bracelet. The 675 and 681 could be the part number of the end links. 

The other set of numbers are CX07 and SH03. The CX07 is on the Heritage Chrono while the SH03 is for the Black Bay. 

Photographs: Alex

On receiving these, I went back to have my bracelets checked. The end links of my Black Bay bracelet (which I ordered) is also marked with 681. It is also marked with FZ06. 

I subsequently checked my Heritage Chrono Black. The model number, 95740 is there but there is no other markings. Interesting. 

What we believe after this exercise:

  • The bracelet model number is 95740. 
  • The other set of numbers is to identify which end links is to be fitted to the bracelet and also the correct clasp as the clasp is marked with the same first two characters, i.e. the Black Bay clasp is marked SH, while the Heritage Chrono Blue will have CX marked on the bracelet. 
  • Why there are no additional numbers on my Heritage Chrono Black bracelet? Well, we believe it is because the Heritage Chrono Black that I have is an early model and there were no Black Bay at that time. So, there is no need for additional markings to identify which goes where. 

The clasp with the markings. The markings appear after the 'STEELINOX".

Closer view.

My Heritage Chrono clasp is marked RS. 

The watch fitted with the correct bracelet. 

The gap, no longer there. 

Photographs: Alex

Anyway, this is our hypothesis....


  1. Do you know where I can get the end links?
    I have the same issue with mine.

    1. Hi,

      You can try your local distributor or your local Rolex Service Center.

      All the best.