Friday, July 11, 2014

Strap experiment...

One of the straps that I have and like is the WotanCraft Compass Assault Type A strap. The strap fitted on my Maranez Bangla Titanium.

What I did not like about the strap is the metal loop at the end of the strap. It always gives me the feel that it will get tangled with something. So, I decided to see if I could do anything about it. True I could just remove the loop, but where is the fun in that. 

I decided to see if I could loop the strap into the metal loop so that the metal loop rides on the strap like a metal keeper. 

So the first thing to do is to remove the metal keeper. Rather easy. 

This is how the strap looks like mounted on the Maranez. 

Twist the metal loop so that it can be removed from the end of the strap. 

Slide it out of the strap ends. 

The strap minus the metal loop at the end. 

Now reattach the metal loop on the strap so that it 'act' like a keeper. 

Reinsert the end of the strap. 

Done and twist the metal loop to close it. Now the metal strap rides on the strap and 'act' as a metal keeper. 

Looks cool. The problem? Now it is difficult to remove the strap and also to fasten the strap. Not a very bright move. Fail...

Yes, you can still wear the watch, but it is tight to remove. :(

Back to the original setup. :)

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