Tuesday, July 15, 2014


This is something I never expect myself to do on one of my watches. This is my Ennebi and I have to 'rig' the bezel. Why? Because it is 'loose'. Basically I like to 'play' with the bezel on my Ennebi. It has a 24 click bezel and it is a push and rotate bezel. I just like the way the bezel operates. 

The beauty of the watch is that it is easy to 'rig' the bezel. Ennebi even provides the tools to have the bezel removed.

The tool is used to remove the three Allen screws that holds the bezel in place. 

The Allen screws removed. There are 3. Engineering at its best. 

The bezel, ready to be removed. 

The removed bezel and attaching screws. 

You can see the metal piece that needs to be rigged. It is basically spring steel, used to push the bezel away from the case. But the screws holds the bezel in. With frequent use, the legs gets compressed and the bezel can become a tad loose. 

The spring tab removed. You can see the ring (on the case) when the legs of the spring tab sits on. 

The parts that makes up the bezel .

The spring tab. Not sure of the actual name of the piece. 

Closer view of the spring tabs. 

Just bend the legs up slightly and you increase the spring tension between the bezel and the watch case. 

All done. Now the bezel sits tight against the case and the bezel turn and locks positively.

Photographs taken with Fuji X100 on Macro mode. 

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