Friday, July 04, 2014

Strap replacement...

Finally the strap on my Suunto T3 gave way. I don't use the watch much actually, so I guess it is not surprising that the rubber strap gave way.

The Suunto T3 watch, with the broken rubber strap. 

Closer view of the strap.  Yes it is gunky. 

The strap is held in place by screws. 

You will need two plain screwdrivers to remove the screws. The broken piece removed.

The screw that holds the strap in place. 

The strap sits inside a recess. 

Sorry... The strap and watch is rather dirty. It was in my drawer. :)

Both the straps removed and the screws back in place. This is to ensure I don't lose the screws. Not sure of the new straps comes with the screws or not. 

Now where is the Suunto distributor in Taiwan....

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