Sunday, July 27, 2014

Pathos Diva: Feminine, Elegant, and Divine

Carl F. Bucherer pays homage to the sophisticated, elegance of women with the new Pathos Diva. This beautiful, automatic timepiece interplays strong, bold steel and feminine, elegant 18-karat rose gold. The interaction of color brings a complexity to the design and the woman wearing it. Its strong yet feminine aesthetic make it the perfect timepiece for any occasion and a wonderful holiday gift.

One of the most fascinating aspects of the Pathos Diva is the elaborate areole. Featuring a rose gold foreground, the intricate details create a stunning iridescent light effect across the white dial. This captivating impression is echoed in the design of the duotone bracelet as well in the crown, which mirrors the aureole's delicate appearance. The Pathos Diva is flawless, feminine, and unique. It is the manifestation of the divine aura that dwells within each woman and – there is a Pathos for every woman. Pathos Diva variations are as diverse as snowflakes, including variations in aureole design, single or two-toned models, and brilliant, sparkling diamond accents.

Photographs: Carl F. Bucherer

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