Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Breguet strap change

The theme for the past few days seems to be straps and more straps. Well, more straps....

I wanted to change the croco strap on my Breguet, so I checked with the local boutique if they had straps for the Type XX. It is difficult to find independent straps as the Breguet has an odd size strap, 21mm at lugs and tapers down to 16 mm. They got back and told me that they have a few options. So today I went to the boutique to have a look. It was an interesting visit. Not only did they have the straps, they also had the limited edition 3803ST Aeronavale. I have to say that it is a nice watch.

My watch, this morning.

It was fitted with a black croco strap. The original strap for the watch is brown croco with white thread stitching.

I do like the black croco strap, but as the Type XX is a sporty watch, I thought that a more modern looking strap would suit it better. I also thought that it would look better on the original brown croco strap with the white thread stitching. Or if the current strap was black with the same white thread. 

Some thing nice in the envelope.

The strap I got from the boutique. It is a black leather strap, similar to the one fitted to the Type XX 3803 Limited Edition Aeronavale. I suspect the strap is from the Aeronavale as the Aeronavale I saw was fitted with a black croco strap. All photographs of the said watch spots this black leather strap. 

The Breguet signature on the strap.

The spring bars.

To remove the deployment buckle from the strap, unscrew the pin.

The deployment fitted to the old strap. One end of the deployment is fixed, the other removable.

The deployment buckle with the pin removed. To fit the strap, just slide one end (fixed pin) into the end of the strap.

The deployment buckle in the strap. The removable pin is on top. 

The strap fitted. Normally the long end of the strap (with the holes) is fitted to the watch at the 6 o'clock position. But in this case, it is fitted to the 12 o'clock position. 

The opposite end fitted to the deployment buckle.

Don't worry, it is not tight. It is just the angle I twisted my wrist to take the photograph. I normally wear straps with one finder allowance between the strap and my wrist.

The old strap.

The watch with the new strap. I like the new look. I think it looks better with the black leather strap. 

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