Friday, May 06, 2011

Suunto T3 Battery change

Looks like it is time to change the battery in my Suunto T3. I bought this watch many years ago in an attempt to get fit. Sadly that did not work out as plan. Anyway here is the process.

The watch with its gray screen of death. :)

Battery change for the watch is pretty easy as you can change the battery in the 'field'. There is an opening for the battery in the case back.

Make sure you got the right 'tool' to open the battery compartment cover. 

The cover removed. You can see the battery. It is held in place with a little tab at the 2 o'clock position. 

The inside of the battery cover. You can see the 'positive' contact point on the cover. 

The outside of the battery cover. It tells you the battery type fitted in the watch. In this case it is the very easy to get CR 2032.

Don't forget to lubricate the gasket with silicon. 

With the battery removed you can see the movement and the 'negative' contact point.

The old battery. Looks pretty smudged up.

Check to make sure the battery is working before you close up. Make sure you check that the EL light works as well.

The new battery in the watch.

You can just see the battery locking tab at the 5 o'clock position. The 'wet' gasket fitted.

The battery compartment cover refitted. The watch is all ready. Only thing to do is to adjust the time, day and date and whatever details the watch requires.

All done and ready to go. Perhaps I should start hitting the gym again.

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  1. dude does this measure the pulse by itself on the wrist, or it needs a seaparate pulse sensor? thx