Friday, May 20, 2011

Trintec Desk Clock

I found this desk clock in my parents home sometime ago. I completely forgot about the clock. I don't even remember who bought the clock, only that it was bought during the time we (my brother and I) were working in the aviation industry. 

A bit about Trintec who makes the desk clock. Trintec Industries Inc was founded in 1984 as a manufacturer of unique aviation related gift and advertising products. Over the years the company has expanded from being a primarily aviation focused company and has developed products which include a large selection of clock, barometers, thermometers and weather stations.

Anyway, I found out that the clock no longer works as the battery has leaked and the acid has made its way into the movement. Sad really. However, I still took the clock as I can still use it as a prop for watch photography.

The clock. Trintec still sells the same clock, the major difference being the new clock has different hands and movement. Someone has tried to clean the watch but did not do a good job. Still very dusty and dirty.

You can see the grime and dirt on the clock. The movement in the old version uses a movement from Swisscholer. I believe the company is no longer in operations.

I took the clock to my friendly neighbourhood repair guy and ask if he could repair the clock, or to change the movement. He had a look and and said that he will try. A day later he called and said that the clock has been repaired. Went to the shop and he told me that it was a long process to clean everything and to repair the movement. Lots of soldering to do. Anyway, total repair cost? NTD300 (USD10). Can't complain.

The movement.

The battery compartment. He cleaned it and removed all the green gunk that was there. 

The movement and battery compartment all clean.

Now my turn to clean the clock. Removed the alarm 'On' and 'OFF' tab. Happy to see that the gears have been cleaned and lubricated.

The PCB. It was full of unidentified liquid when I got the clock. The guy cleaned it and made sure everything and all contacts were cleaned and working.

The front of the clock. The dial and hands. This has the 'altimeter' type dial.

The manufacturer, Trintec and it is a Canadian company. 

The parts ready for cleaning. The alarm tab, the battery cover, the four screws that holds the front cover in place and the two rubber tabs to adjust the time and alarm.

The outside of the battery cover. The legend for time and alarm adjustment is on the cover. Now clean. A little toothpaste, old tooth brush, warm water and soap does wonder. 

The screws and adjustment tabs all clean. 

The movement cover. It has been cleaned. Excuse the lint. A puff of air and it will be free of link. The movement cover was made in 1991 as can be seen in the manufacturing stamp at the 9 o'clock position. 

Now clean. No more grime.

The front cover. Note that it is held by four screws just like cockpit instruments.

Unique to Trintec desk clocks, they use glass instead of plastic for durability and scratch resistance.

The rebuild. Front cover completed. The glass sits in a groove in the front cover. Real quality stuff.

The alarm tab back in place. 

The movement cover. 

Install the battery and check everything works. Make sure the alarm works as well. Everything works.

The clock, good as new. Me a happy camper. 


  1. I happy to know that you took the trouble to revive an old clock. Many would have predetermined its destiny for the bin.


  2. Hi Tea Immortal,

    Welcome to the blog. We try to save what we can.

    Best regards,


  3. Ivan I am so happy that you took the time and so much trouble to bring a Trintec Altimeter alarm clock back to life. It means a lot to me.
    Hello Ivan I am Brendon Nunes the owner of Trintec Industries and the creator of that clock. You just got yourself a new Trintec Watch for all your trouble. That clock was from the early 90'S and you're right Swissholer is no longer in business. We have just started making the clocks with those hands again in the vintage series. Thanks Brendon

  4. Hi Brendon,

    Welcome to the blog. It is an honour to have you on my blog. I do love the clock as we (my brother and I) are aircraft engineers and have links to the industry.

    Thank you for the offer of the watch and really appreciate it. How do I contact you or you can drop me an email at

    Best regards,


  5. Hi Andrew,

    Welcome to the blog. With regards to the Takane Clock movement, just google it and you will find a number of of shops that sells them. Hope that helps.

    Best regards,


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