Sunday, May 15, 2011

Casio MD-703 battery change

Yes, yet another battery change. I promise to keep this one short. 

The new batteries. I need two as I have two MD-703. The battery is of the SR626SW type. I decided to change both at the same time. 

The watches. White dial and black dial MD-703.

The case back. I just notice something different on the case back. 

The notch for the where you position the case back removal tool is different. One has a more pronounce notch as compared to the other. 

This one has the more pronounce notch.

Not to pronounce notch.

Another view of the notches.

The other case back with the less pronounce notch. It is more prone to slipping. 

Since I have changed the battery in the watch before, I know that you will need to unlock the crown. I will explain more later. 

The case back removed. Don't forget to lubricate the gasket.

The battery is held in place by the white spacer/ movement holder.

With the white space removed, the battery will just pop out. Remember I said that you will need to unlock the crown. Well if you do not unlock the crown, you will have a hard time trying to remove the white spacer as it is fitted tight against the case. By unlocking the crown, you do give the spacer some space (pun not intended).

I suggest you do this as you can force the space out, but you might damage the movement. And the movement is hard to come by.

The new battery in position.

The white space, movement holder and battery holder.

Once you have replaced the battery, just reverse the process and you are done. As usual, just check that the seconds hand moves before you install the case back. And you are all done.

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