Tuesday, May 24, 2011

OT IWC JU-52 model

Finally, after searching for some time, I finally got the model of the IWC JU-52/ 3mge that went round the world. I already have a 1/200 scale metal model of the JU-52 by Schabak. However I wanted a bigger version. So the search for the model was on.

There was one on the local auction site but attempts to contact the seller did not bear fruit. After a 6 month wait, the model came up again on the auction site. This time the seller responded. A week later, I have the model. Happy I am. 

However upon getting the model, I noticed that the model is slightly different from the IWC model I already have. The difference is the watch that is painted on the wing. Most models of the plane that I have seen has the IWC Big Pilot on the wing. The model has the Mk. XV on the wing. Well I am much happier as I have the Mk. XV. So it will go well with my watch.

The metal Schabak model with the BP on the wing.

The other has the watch painted under the wing. You can just see the tip of the leather strap.

The Big Pilot reference 5002. I like this model as compared to the new BP, reference 5004.

The 1/72 scale model I just got. The box is battered but the model inside is alright.

The decal for the plane. Note the Mk. XV decal. Interesting yes?

Now just to get my airbrush kit and we are all go.

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