Saturday, May 21, 2011

IWC Limited Edition Pilot watch

The more I look at the IWC Mk XVI Limited Edition Japan, the more I like the watch. I did try out the watch when I was in Japan but budget dictated that buying it was out of the question. Sigh....

So far the photographs I have are from magazines and brochures. Now I have some real photographs and I have to say that I do like the watch.

IWC Mk XVI Limited Edition Japan, reference 325516.

The lume shot. Nice.

A closer view of the dial and hands. Note the 10 o'clock hour marker with the smaller '0'.

The case back with the map of Japan.

Photographs: shamelessly borrowed from the Internet.

The watch is different from the regular Mk XVI in the dial and hands. The dial and hands on the Limited Edition (350 pieces) is based on the Mk IX. The only thing I don't like about the watch is the date display. It would be nice if there were no date display.

The original Mk IX. Note the smaller '0' on the 10 o'clock hour index marker.

Photograph: ivanmelbourne

Of course there is always the new IWC Vintage collection reissue of the Mk IX, reference 325401. This is way out of budget. :)

Photograph: IWC

So when I was shown the MK XV Spitfire Limited Edition reference 3253-005, I was stuck. I had a 'second chance' at a watch that had the Mk IX type dial and hands. The price was also good and the watch was NIB (new in box). It has never been used as the owner bought the watch and kept it. It is a limited edition of 1,000 pieces and the serial number is a good number for the Taiwanese. 

Cut the story short, I 'jumped' on the opportunity and got the watch. I have to say that I am happy. Best of all, was when I took the watch to my friendly neighbourhood watch guy and had the watch timed. It is running +1 sec a day. How is that for a 10 year old watch with a standard 'ETA' movement. 

The brothers together.

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