Thursday, May 12, 2011

DaLuca Spontagio strap

The "Spontagio" watchstrap that I bought comes from DaLuca Vintage Strap collection. It was handcrafted from a vintage Swiss Military Ammo Pouch that dates back to the 1960s. It was cut in a way that shows some of the original stitching from over 50 years ago and includes that original stitching in the strap.

The strap measures 24 mm wide and is constant through the length. It is 3 mm thick throughout as well. The strap measures 82 mm on the buckle side and 140 mm on the other side. It is dark brown in colour. It has 5 holes for the buckle and the holes sit in the middle of the strap. The strap comes with a single floating strap keeper. All the straps (24 mm at least) are tested on actual Panerai watch for fit and look. 

This strap was 100% hand stitched using a 2-needle saddle stitch method. It would have been nice if DaLuca had matched the colour of the threads to the original stitching found on the strap.

The strap is well made and finished. There are no traces of glue or tool marks on the strap. Although it looks ‘tough’ the strap is very comfortable when worn and sits well around the wrist. There is no need to ‘shape’ the strap before you use it. It is actually very supple.

The 'notch' you see in the centre hole is because of the pin buckle and not a defect.

The underside of the strap has an ‘unfinish’ feel to it. It looks raw and rough, but it is smooth and comfortable. It is also stamped with the DaLuca logo, although it is a tad light and hard to see.

The lightly brushed buckle includes a hand engraved DaLuca logo on the top left hand corner. The buckle is of the historical GPF Mod Dep design that was used in some of the original Panerai watches and dive compasses.  It is engraved with the ‘GPF-Mod Dep’ legend on the under side of the buckle. DaLuca has given the buckle a ‘used’ or vintage feel to the buckle. As with the original buckle, it is sewn into the strap.

Tubes (2 off) are included with the straps.

The interesting thing about DaLuca Straps is each watchstrap is backed with a lifetime warranty that is 100% transferable from owner to owner via 2nd hand sales. Something you don’t see very often. 

Overall, I like the strap and how it feels on the wrist. 

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