Sunday, August 16, 2009

Eggs Watches

This is one of the unique watch brands that I found in Hong Kong. I suspect this is a Hong Kong based brand. I don't think it is available outside of Hong Kong.... well maybe Macau and perhaps Taiwan (although I have not seen it in Taiwan). The brand is Eggswatch. Their offers watches both in analogue and digital display. The digital watches utilize LED technology and are all square watches.

The digital watches offers the following functions:

Hours, minutes and seconds
Automatic calendar displaying day, month and week
Stopwatch (23 hours 59 minutes)
EL Back light

The analogue display watches has the following functions:

Hours, minutes and seconds
Day and Date on sub-dial
Second time zone on sub-dial (one button adjustment)

All the watches are quartz powered. However I do not know the make or manufacturer. For more information:

The watches are available all over Hong Kong, but not in the main stream watch shops.

The collection:

Eggs-BN - LED display
BE-Black - Analogue display
BE-Blink - LED display with crystals on the bezel
BE-Blink 2 - LED display with crystal on the bezel (rectangle case design)

A sample of their watches:

Photographs: eggswatch


  1. where can i buy one like this ?

  2. Sadly, the website for Eggs Watch is now dead. Their gold square digital watch featured very prominently in the 2009 movie Push, on the wrist of Djimon Hounsou. The prop watch sold for a bit of money and is now in a private collection. As the movie is set in Hong Kong, the props team likely sourced props from local shops, which explains why an obscure independent watch brand ended up in a Hollywood movie.