Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Vagary Watches

This is a brand under Citizen. According to the website, the parent is a company called Veglia (1896) that produces (use to?) speedometers for European made cars like Ferrari, Fiat and Alfa Romeo. Interesting yes? Well the company (Vagary) makes watches for the independent spirits. All the watches are Italian inspired and are based on the speedometer that the parent company produces. This can clearly be seen in some of their watches. The watches will incorporate the latest trends: glam, edgy and retro. all this and at the same time be affordable. This I like.

Strangely the watches are classified differently in different countries. For example, in Asia, the collection is classified into colours; Blue, Gold, Black etc. In other countries it is classified under Aqua, Vanity (for HER), Steel (for HIM), etc.

I am sure the watches are fitted with Miyota movement, but that information is not available. Most of the watches are cased in stainless steel, while some are cased in titanium. The crystal is mineral. Most of the watches are rated to 10 ATM. The ana-digi series are rated to 4 ATM. The watches retail from USD 150 upwards.

For more information:


A sample of their watches:

Dual Time Zone

Speedometer inspired.

These 2 watches below, I like.

Yet more watches.

Horseshoe inspired?

These watches below reminds me of the ana-digi watches Citizen issued in the 80s.

These watches have dive log function, depth alarm, current depth and max depth measurement, and a host of other dive related functions. The watches are rated to 20 ATM, but are not categorised as dive watches.

Photographs: Vagary


  1. Proud owner of the Vagary. I found a brownish Speedometer inspired watch & I Love it with the brown leather wristband... Happy...

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