Tuesday, August 04, 2009

GSX Watches

This is an interesting brand, GSX. they are a Japanese company that prides itself in that their watches are completely made in Japan. The company was established in 1995 and uses domestic movement, domestic design, domestic material and finally domestic production. The watches covers a huge range but their collaboration models are very very interesting. They use movements made by Seiko, e.g. 6R15 movement.

For more information:

Some of the watches:

The standard collection

Their collaboration series: Biohazard Series (I believe this is a collaboration with the computer game Resident Evil). The packaging for the watches are just awesome.

Photograph: GSX

Photograph: ebay

Star Wars Collaboration

Darth Vader


Boba Fett


Photographs: GSX

This is just a sample of the watches they offer. To see the whole range, just visit their website.


  1. Even though I like Boba Fett in the movies, I dont like how it turned out to be on a watch dial!!! (Macam seluar dalam!!)

  2. Hi erwinishak,

    Welcome to the blog. Hahaha yes it does look like a 'thong'.



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