Sunday, August 09, 2009

JetSet Watches

JetSet is a young brand, founded in 2007. It is owned by the Swiss Trade Group. The Swiss brand offers watches with ostentatious and outrages design earmarked by oversized watch case, flamboyant wristbands and colourful dials. Their collection is named after cities which the Jet Set (rich and famous) are seen.

The Collection:

New York
Monte Carlo
San Remo
Beverly Hills

As stated earlier, the brand uses oversize cases. Their watches are offered from 35 mm to 61 mm in diameter. Their watches are quartz powered and offers a water resistance rating of 5 ATM. The watches are also fitted with mineral crystal. Their watch case is made of nickel free stainless steel.

For more information:

A sample of Jet Set offerings:

This watch is 61 mm in diameter.

Photographs: Jet Set

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