Thursday, August 27, 2009

Nite 3rd Generation MX serieswatches

Nite, a UK based brand have launched their 3rd. generation Nite MX series for the military. So far, the launch seems to be limited to Japan. Models that have been updated are as follows:

MX10-201 to MX10-301
MX20-202 to MX20-302
MX50-202 to MX50-302

The only change that I can see are on the hands. The hands on the 2nd. Generation has the mirror finish. The 3rd. Generation will have hands that are white coated. The MX10-301 will still carry the NATO Stock Number 6645-99-133-5227.

The photograph below shows the changes to the hands. The one of the left is the older 2nd. Generation and the right shows the new white coated hands.

The MX10-301

Photographs: Amazon Japan

Sadly I am unable to get any photographs of the other 2 models. I will update this as soon as I can get any new information.

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