Sunday, August 23, 2009

Welder Watches

I have read about the watches but never thought I would actually see them. I did in Macau. I find these watches very raw and industrial in design and look. The dial is the talking point as it is layered thus giving a 3-D look. The watches are large, starting at 40 mm and working up to 53 mm in the K29 series. The brand is a sister brand to the U-Boat brand. As with U-Boat, the watches are designed by Italo Fontana and is made in Italy. The watches are fitted with quartz movement sourced from Citizen and Pulsar/ Seiko.

Some of the watches are issued with different coloured crystal. This is useful in different light condition, e.g. in a photo darkroom.

Basic specifications:

Case: stainless steel 316L
Movement: quartz
Water resistance: 5 ATM or 10 ATM
All the watches are left-handed.

For more information:

The Collection:

K23: fitted with Miyota OS10 movement. I am not too sure if this series is still available or has been discontinued.

K24 DATA: fitted with Miyota 2115 movement.

K24 ELECT: fitted with Pulsar/ Seiko YT57 Kinetic movement.

K24 DATA GLAZED: fitted with Miyota 2115 movement. This model is delivered with 1 interchangeable coloured filter (red or black).

K24 CRONO: fitted with Miyota OS10 movement.

K24 CRONO GLAZED: fitted with Miyota OS10 movement. This model is delivered with 1 interchangeable coloured filter (red or black).

K24 DATA and CRONO GOLD: fitted with Miyota 2115 or OS10 (CRONO) movement. Stainless steel case IP treated with Gold (polished or matte). There is also a 2 tone option where the case is IP BLACK treated and the bezel is IP GOLD treated.

K25 DATA and CRONO: fitted with Miyota 2115 or OS10 (CRONO) movement. K25 is square in design. The watches in this series comes in 2 sizes: 46X46 mm and 40X40 mm

K26 DATA and CRONO: fitted with Miyota 2034 or Miyota OS30 (CRONO) movement. The DATA and CRONO series are delivered with 4 interchangeable coloured filters. The GOLD versions are issued with only 1 additional black filter.

K28 AUTO and CRONO: fitted with Miyota 8215 automatic movement or Miyota OS11 Chrono movement (CRONO). This to me is one of the most industrial looking watch I have seen. Just look at the coils at the side of the case, the square raw steel pushers on the CRONO and the 4 screws holding the bezel to the case.

K29 CRONO: this is a large watch at 53 mm. It is fitted with 3 movement. Miyota FS10 3 Eye Chrono movement is the main movement in the watch. Second time zone at 2 o'clock is powered by Miyota 2033 movement and the Third time zone is powered by a Miyota 5Y20 movement (no sweep second).

All Welder watches comes with an extra strap an are supplied in a strong composite box much like the Pelican case.

Photographs: Welder


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