Saturday, August 08, 2009

Ice Tek Watches

Ice Tek is a new player in the fashion watch world. They, I believe is an American company which offers interesting Swiss made timepieces. Unlike other players, Ice Tek prides itself as an innovator as can be seen in their product offerings, like watches with 5 time zones. Most of their watches are quartz powered and the use of diamonds is prevalent in their watches. Ice Tek watches are favoured among the rich and famous. However, that does not mean that their watches are not within reach of the common people. Ice Tek watches retails from USD 350 and upwards. Additionally Ice Tek offers a 5 year warranty on their watches.

Ice Tek offers timepieces catering to both men and women. The men collection includes the following:

Master Chrono
Magnum XXL
Classic Chrono
Quintempo I
Quintempo II
Magnum Chrono
Roman Ice

The ladies collection:

Roman Ice
Ice Petals
Lady Quintempo

For more information:

A sample of Ice Tek Watches

Chrono Classic

Magnum Chrono


Quintempo II

Sweet Hearts. One of Ice Tek most popular watch.

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