Friday, January 21, 2011

Battery Change Marvin M014

I would like to thank Mr. Khosrow Khosravi for the following photographs showing the battery change on the Marvin M014, a Marvin Watch Co icon. This watch is powered by two quartz movement, either two Technotime FE 5120/5130 or two Ronda 751/753 movement. The watch in the photographs below is fitted with the Technotime FE 5120/5130 quartz movement.

The new battery, two is required since the watch have two movements.

The case back is removed to show the movement. As you can see the movement holder (the white plastic thing) also acts as the battery holder.

A closer view. You can see the locating pins at the upper left hand and lower right hand corner. This is to make sure you install the movement cum battery holder the right way., with the tabs over the battery.

The movement battery holder removed. You can see the locating pin is part of the back of the dial.

Another view, the watch, movement holder and case back.

A closer view of the Technotime movements. Very nice looking movements. The Technotime FE 5120/5130 are a 5 1/2 ligne movement. I suspect the 5120 is used to power the hour and minute and the 5130 for the seconds hand on the lower half of the dial.

The watch on the working bench.

Something we sometimes forget to do, lubricate the gasket. Make sure you use the right lubricant.

Another view of the workbench.

Reinstalling the gasket onto the case back. Make sure it sits in the groove in the case back.

Almost done.

Finish up and time to close the case back. Make sure you use the correct size screwdriver.

The watch all done. I have to say that the watch is a very nice watch. I have seen this watch being sold here in Taiwan. If I am not mistaken the watch here is the reference: M014.14.30.64.

The case back. All done.


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