Saturday, January 01, 2011

Casio GXW56-1BJF

This is not really a review of the Casio G-Shock model GXW56-1BJF. I wanted to do a photo review of the watch but sadly the photographs are not so great. I apologise for this.

Anyway this watch is part of a collection of watches that consist mostly German watches, Seiko watches, vintage watches and some Casio G-Shocks. In fact the Omega W.W.W. that I reviewed last year is from this very collection. I hope to bring more review from this great collection.

The watch is huge, 49 mm across (52 mm at max lip extension), 17 mm thick and is 57 mm, lug to lug. The lug width is 22 mm. The watch is made in Japan. The watch is water resistant to 20 ATM or 20 bars. I believe this is one of the largest, if not the largest watch in the Casio G-Shock range. It actually looks like a basic DW-5600 on steroids.

The Casio module 3220 powers the GXW. It has the following functions: time (with day and date), dual time, alarm, stopwatch and countdown alarm (timer). The watch will cycle through the functions as listed above. However the module will not go back to time after another function is used. It does have a different beep when you cycle back to time function.

The module 3220 is a tough solar with atomic time synchronization functions (multi-band 6). The downside of the module (as is with most Casio G-Shock modules) is that the time does not show in stopwatch or countdown alarm mode.

The module is held in place with plenty of shock resistant material. You can even see some of it on the watch face, on the dial. In fact it is highlighted in gold, 'Shock Absorber' across the bridge that divides the watch face.

The case/ bezel is made of ‘rubber’ and is very thick. It is held in place by a number of screws. The markings on the bezel, ‘Protection’ and ‘G-Shock’, are rendered in gold.

The button on the watch are large and is rubber protected. It does remind me of the DW-5500C-1 watch. I am sure because of this rubber protector, the watch is mud resistant. 

The case back is a 2-part case back. It is a rubber on stainless steel plate design. The case back is held in place with 4 screws. The standard markings are found on the case back, i.e. model number, module number, water resistant rating, ‘made in’ information, in this case, Made in Japan Y.

The straps are very comfortable. In fact I find it more comfortable as compared to the basic DW-5600. It is also softer as compared to other G-Shock straps. The markings on the straps are as follows:
Buckle side: Mud Resist in white. On the under side, 786, FY11, 16 and PURR
Other side: Shock Resist in white. On the under side, 786, FY11, 16 and PURR

The buckle is bead blasted. It is a double tang design, which I think is appropriate for such a large watch. The buckle is made in Japan. The unique aspect of the tang is that screws and not the usual spring bars hold it in place. 

The Buckle is well made and has a very nice finish.

Overall I find the watch comfortable, but a bit large. I was tempted to get the new blue version (GXW56E-1) of the watch when I was in Japan recently. I even considered the DGZ (Dirty Ghetto Kids) x Casio collaboration GX-56DGK-1. The GXW-56 is a nice watch, I do like it. 

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