Friday, January 07, 2011

More sad news....

Well a little bird just told me that the chances of me getting the Limited Edition Taipei Boutique PAM00413 stands between zero and slim. At last count, the wait list is in excess of 300 names and there are only 50 pieces. Evidently the watches are expected to arrive within the next few months, after SIHH 2011, I guess, and it will be a few pieces a month. On well.....

The Panerai PAM00413

The case back with Taipei 101 where the boutique is located.

Photographs: Panerai


  1. Hi Ivan,
    I went to the very store myself not too long ago - to help a lady friend who was interested in this Taipei model. She was told the same thing: her chances - slim to none, closer to none. But I had the feeling that if one wanted it 'badly' enough - if ya know what I mean, wink - they could somehow "find a way" to miraculously pull one outta thin air. Personally, I thought the picture of Taipei was not as iconic as, say, NY or LA.

  2. Hi noisiax,

    Welcome to the blog. Yes, I believe they (Panerai boutique) will be going on a first come first serve basis. Will have to wait and see how things go. But I won't be surprise to see it on the secondary market once it arrives.

    Best regards,