Thursday, January 27, 2011

Macro Watch Photography for Beginners

I picked up this e-book recently. It combines two of my hobbies, watch collecting and photography (which I am not good at, don't have the 'eye' but I digress). It is written by John B. Holbrook II. I understand that he is a freelance writer, photographer and watch enthusiast. I believe that his work has appeared in a number of watch and photography magazines. He also runs a number of watch sites.

I do hope I can improve my photography for the blog and at the same time, maybe focus more on photography. I do have a number of cameras and perhaps I should restart this hobby. Well, lets start with the book first. Good time to start reading the book as I will be on holiday.

The book is delivered as a pdf file and you can read it on the iPad. The book cost USD 30 and is available at the following site:

And for those who are into video reviews should check out his video on YouTube:

The book.

Photograph: John B. Holbrook, II image used with permission of the author

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