Saturday, January 01, 2011

A new year and a new resolution

Well it is 1.1.11, a new year. So in what will happen this year and in what direction will my collection head? I had a thought about it over the past month or so. The way I figure, my collection is due for a adjustment. I need to rightsize my collection. I need focus. 

As such, in the coming months, I will be selling some of my watches and focusing my collection on a particular brand or maybe two brands. I will also reduce the number of watches I get in the year (and coming years) to a couple of important watches (to me) and complete my collection. So I will be posting via this blog and others, a number of watches that I will be selling. I will also have more reviews, both from my collection and also from friends and family. 

Well I guess that will be the direction my collection and I will be heading. Best of all, my first purchase of the year should be coming next week (I hope). Stay tuned.

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