Monday, January 17, 2011

So what was my first purchase for 2011?

Well I finally got the watch I always wanted. Yes, I got the Breitling Aerospace. The price was good and the condition was just as good. Watch history also just as good. 

The Aerospace model I got is the 1999 updated version with the COSC-certified movement, B65. The exact model I got is the F65362 which is the titanium and gold version. My first bling watch (and last). And best of all it comes with the black face I like and it has the repetition minutes complication.

The watch.

Sadly the watch is not with me anymore. What happen you ask? Well, I plan to use this watch on a daily basis, just like my former boss, read story here:

So I decided to send it off to Breitling Service Center here in Taiwan. I asked them to service the watch, change all the seals and gaskets and to change the battery as well. Can't wait to get it back. On a side note, for those who want to know, additional bracelet links (Aerospace Bracelet) is about USD 138 each and a set of 4 'gold' bezel riders is USD 220.

Photograph: owner

A bit of history on the watch. The former owner was a pilot with the Philippines Air Force and upon his retirement, he flew commercial with PAL. He had this watch and another Breitling, the Navitimer. As I understand it, he has retired from active flying. So, the links to the aviation industry is strong. 

Anyway, I always consider this watch among the two important quartz digital watch to come out from Switzerland. The other being the Omega X-33. This is because both watches have very long links to an industry I hold close to my heart, the aviation industry. I am happy that I have both. 

Apologies for the lack of my own photographs as in the heat of the moment, I seem to have forgotten to take photographs. 

OK, this is a cheap shot but I could not resist....

Photograph: MWR


  1. Nice watch. Now you have me looking at them. I've always liked this model although I am not a quartz fan. It's been an interesting model for them with lots of changes. Looks like you got a good one. Are you going over the UTC module as well?

  2. Hi J,

    Welcome to the blog. It, the Aerospace is a nice watch. I have always like them. I was lucky to get the one I did. It has a good history and bought from a great seller.

    I thought of getting the UTC module but it is expensive and had to come by. So, at the moment, I guess not, but if one come by at a good price, well....

    All the best with your hunt for one (if you are getting one).

    Best regards,


  3. Ivan, one year later, I'm the proud owner of an Aerospace. It's going to become my new "travel" watch. Very happy with it so far. Thanks for your great blog and for introducing me to so many new watch ideas.


  4. Hi John,

    Congrats on the Aerospace. Wear it with good health and wealth. Happy New Year.

    Best regards,


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