Monday, January 24, 2011

Something new is a coming

Well not really new, more pre-loved. But it is a watch I have always wanted to get since I first saw it. Never got it until I had a chat with a very very good friend. I am currently rationalising my watch collection and trying to get watches I have always wanted to get but never got it (basically one or two more pieces). At the same time I am selling or trading off watches that I do not use or do not fall into place and finding a new home for them.

A friend saw my collection and was interested in a number of them. So I decided to sell them to him. However in the process, what started as a sale turned into a trade as he asked me if I wanted a particular watch he had and he knew I liked. A brief negotiation later, the trade was completed. 

Anyway, the watch comes with a leather strap (used) and a nylon strap (unused). I have always like the watch on a rubber strap and so I got the rubber strap. Here it is, brand new from the distributor.

The buckle. I figure you can guess what is the brand of the watch.

Based on the photograph below, yes it is from the Bell & Ross Aviation collection. But which one....

The buckle yet again. Time to put the buckle and strap together.

I do like the rubber strap. I will get a leather strap for the watch, but it will not be the original. I am looking at James of WotanCraft for the leather strap. Perhaps an Ammo leather strap. Will have to see what James comes out with. Can't wait for Saturday....


  1. I can already tell... its a BR-02. I am jealous, can't wait to see how it looks.

  2. Hi Aaron,

    Hahahaha sad to say that it is not the BR-02.

    Best regards,


  3. Ivan,

    Booo - I thought I nailed that one! Can't wait to see what you have hiding behind the curtains.



  4. Hi Aaron,

    I will be picking it up on Saturday when I am on my holidays. I will try to post the pictures as I will not have Internet access during the holidays.

    Best regards,