Wednesday, January 05, 2011

Hamilton iPad World Time application

Hamilton has launched an application for the iPad. I was looking for a world time application for the iPad when I found this application. It is available free from Hamilton. The  application is (I believe) in Spanish. But it is not a problem as I only need the world time display.

The main display. There are 6 watches displaying the world time. You can't change the watches as they are fixed. The watches are the Jazzmaster Slim, the Ventura, the Khaki Field, the Railroad, the Pulsomatic (which I was so tempted to get when I was in Japan) and the Khaki X-Landing.

The cities display are also fixed, one city per time zone. All together, there are 24 cities to choose from. 

You can also view a timeline of Hamilton history in the application.

You can also read about the watches used to display the world time. Just click on the 'i' button and the watch specifications is displayed. In the photograph below, you can read all about the Jazzmaster Slim watch.

All about the Ventura.

Photographs: Hamilton

Overall, an interesting application.

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