Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Tissot PR50 Atollo Diver

I got this watch as a gift. It was included with the Breitling Aerospace that I got recently. I was pleasantly surprise to receive it. However I know very little about the watch. It is the Tissot PR50 Atollo Quartz Diver Watch. The watch is well used and it shows. The bezel can't even rotate. So I decided to clean the watch up and perhaps use it. What I do know is that the watch comes in black, white and blue dial.

The bezel. You can see that it is pretty worn. From what I have seen, the triangle at the 12 o'clock position should be luminous. It is no longer. I stand corrected on this. In fact most of the markings are worn out.

The underside of the bezel. Lots of gunk and DNA. The bezel is held in place by the spring clip. You can just see it. Even the notches is filled with DNA. :)

The watch with the bezel removed. More love and DNA. The dial and hands are luminous or use to be. It looks like it could have had some water damage. You can just see the metal spring clip that makes the bezel uni-directional. The metal tabs, 3 off is a bit bent.

Another view of the watch. The crown is unsigned. It is of the push pull design. The watch is water resistant to 5 ATM. 

The original bracelet. Again lots of love and gunk. It is signed with the Tissot logo. The bracelet kind of remind me of old Rolex bracelet from the 50s and 60s.

This is the mystery, Swiss Pack instead of Tissot. Anyone? All the Tissot PR50 Atollo that I have seen on the Internet is signed Swiss Pack.

The bracelet with the diver extension. How cool is that. 

The clasp. The clasp is very thin but well made. It has been used and it shows. It is a bit loose.

The case back again. I am guessing the model number is J185/285K. The watch case and case back is stainless steel and the crystal is sapphire.

I removed the bracelet for cleaning. 

The case back. The case back is of the snap back design. The case back has been cleaned.

The front of the watch, now clean. you can see the groove where the clip sits. The is a hole at the 10:30 o'clock position. This is the anchor point for the metal clip.

The metal clip. You can see the three tabs that prevent the bezel from turning anti-clockwise. I will work on correcting the tabs later. Basically I just need to adjust it as it is bent outwards.

The bezel and the locking clip.

The bezel now clean. You can see that it is a bit worn. 

The metal clip in the bezel. I also lubricated the inside of the bezel with silicon grease.

The clip is position, ready to receive the bezel.

The bezel fitted and now it can rotate freely. I might send the watch out to my friendly neighbourhood watch guy to do some ultrasonic cleaning and perhaps a service. Maybe even to replace the dial and hands. We will see how it goes.

Overall a cool watch.


  1. I have this watch as well. I found it on the ground near the waterfront in Toronto when I was 13. Now I'm 29 and I still wear it every day. The locking clip on the bezel has been broken for years so it will turn freely in both directions. However, the numbers are all worn off so it doesn't really matter anyways.

    Nice watch though! I like it.

    1. I do not have any answer or suggestions about the question asked.

      My father gave me a Tissot when I was in grade 7 (mid 70's), which I ruined. But Tissot SA service made my their customer for ever.

      I bought this Atollo in early to mid nineties in Peshawar, Pakistan. White dial and maroon bezel with maroon leather strap. Later on I bought its original bracelet form Tissot dealer in Karachi.
      Once I got moisture in it and got the markers a bit darkened.

      Except that this watch is still one of my favorites and is now in day to day use of my wife. It is quite slim while still have sporty looks.

      Just today I was thinking to get it serviced from an authorized dealer as someone mentioned to me that oil gets crystallized after some time and it needs servicing and oiling.

      A great watch and brand.

    2. Hi R,

      Welcome to the blog. Congrats on the watch and wear it with good health. There is little information on the case back markings sadly.

      Best regards,


  2. Hi brenden,

    Welcome to the blog. Wow, 16 years on an still ticking. Wear it with good health.

    Best regards,


  3. I just purchased one of these. The bezel is rotating in both directions. Are there any spare parts available (metal rings...)

  4. I got this watvh too, 8 bucks, how can i pull off the bezel, for cleaning please?



  5. Hey, it was quite easy. Thank you a lot for this blog