Friday, August 12, 2011

Bell & Ross pleasant surprise

I was out at my usual watch hunting haunt at Hing's Watch in BSC (Bangsar Shopping Centre) in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia when I saw these two Bell & Ross watches. I did not expect to see these watches. So it was a pleasant surprise. Which watches? 

Well, it was the Bell & Ross BR01-92 Compass and BR01-92 Red Radar. Boy, was I tempted to get the them. They looked good and as with other Bell & Ross watches, felt good as well. Anyway I did not get them. But I did enjoy my time with them. 

The BR01-92 Compass.

This watch is a limited edition watch of 500 pieces. It is 46 mm square and is 11 mm thick. It is water resistant to 100 M. It has two concentric discs to tell the time. The outer disc indicates the hours, while the inner disc indicate the minutes. The time is shown by the white line in the centre of the upper display. The lower display is darken to indicate that it is not the 'active' display. Cool watch.

The BR01-92 Red Radar.

I like this watch. It is also a limited edition watch with a run of only 500 pieces. As with the Compass, this watch is 46 mm square and 11 mm thick. It has a red coated crystal (sapphire) and is also water resistant to 100 M. The watch also uses the discs time telling system, the difference is that is has three discs. The outer disc displays the hours, the middle displays the minutes while the inner dial displays the seconds. I love the fact that the watch looks like the radar screen of the air traffic controller. 

The watches together.

Both watches are powered by the ETA 2892 automatic movement. Both watches retails for a bit over RM 20,000. 

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