Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Stage 1 completed

Well I have 'completed' stage 1 in rationalising my collection. Basically 20 watches went out and 1 come in. Of the 20, 14 were Swiss, German or Japanese made watches while 6 were Casio G-Shocks. One additional G-Shock went out today to a good friend as a gift. So the total watches out is 21 pieces.

The decision on which watches were to be 'cut' was rather simple in some and not as simple in others. The simple ones were the Bell & Ross watches. I have 2, BR01-92 (which I traded earlier with a number of G-Shocks) and a BR03-92 Military (Limited Production watch). These were simple because of the terrible experience I had when I sent the watch (BR01-92) in for a service. Imagine I had to proof that I did not scratch the dial before I sent it in. Bell & Ross stand on this was it was not us, so you have to proof it was not you. As luck would have it, I had photographs of the watch before I sent it in. Best of all, it took them 4 months to resolve the issue as the representative here was busy with Basel 2011. Enough said, it left a bitter after taste. This from one of my favourite brands. 

The Casio G-Shocks went to a friend who is also a collector. Am I leaving Casio all together? No, not really. More of focusing on the DW-5600 range and more on the vintage G-Shocks, like the DW-5200 and DW-5600. So the rest will go as well in stage 2. 

The difficult one was the Stowa Airman No LOGO COSC, the LACO, the Glycine Black Jack and the Revue Thommen Airspeed Chronograph. More so the Revue Thommen as it has the Lemania 5100 chronograph movement, countdown bezel and is one of the smallest 5100 powered watch available. However, the adage 'What you don't wear, goes' comes into the picture. I have to be truthful and I have not used the Stowa since I got it, same with the LACO and even the Revue Thommen and even the Glycine. So I figure, I may not be bonding with the watches. Anyway I have the Tutima Chronograph with the Lemania 5100 movement. So the watches must go off to a better home. 

The rest of the watches consisted of Seiko, Citizen, Oris, Traser, Benrus and others. 

So what is next? Well stage 2, where I will start to rationalise my military collection. I may even sell all of them and leave the military collection completely. We will have to see how things goes from today till September 1st. 

Some of the watches sold.

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