Wednesday, August 03, 2011

So what do SCUBA divers use Part 2

This is part 2 on 'So what do SCUBA divers use' when they go diving. Since I don't know any current SCUBA divers, I have to resort to taking pictures of SCUBA divers in aquariums. Anyway it is the aspiration of the kids to visit as many aquariums as they can and these are the aquariums and sea related places they have visited thus far.

1. AQWA - The Aquarium of Western Australia, Australia
2. Melbourne Aquarium, Australia
3. Monterey Bay Aquarium, USA
4. AQUA KLCC, Malaysia
5. Underwater World, Singapore
6. London Sealife Aquarium, UK
7. The National Museum of Marine Biology and Aquarium, Kenting, Taiwan
8. SeaWorld San Diego, USA
9. EPSON Shinagawa Aqua Stadium, Tokyo, Japan
10. Ocean Park, Hong Kong

Anyway back to the watch. Here is a shot of the diver.

He was cleaning a tubular tank at the aquarium. Here is a close up of what watch he was wearing.

You can clearly see that he is using a Casio G-Shock, model Riseman, reference GW-9200J-1. A picture of the actual watch.

Photograph: Casio

So, thus far, I have only seen divers using Casio G-Shock. Well, not really statistically significant, as the sample size is small (2) but I will continue on this as and when I can. 

The link to the first article. 

On a side note, I do know a couple of guys who use to dive and I can safely say that their choice of watches were the Seiko Diver, reference 6309.

Anyway, since I was there, I thought I do a wrist shot of the watch I had on. It is the Panerai PAM00367.

In total darkness, without flash.

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