Saturday, August 13, 2011

Watch shopping in Malaysia part 10

It was not my intention to do any watch shopping on this holiday but since I was at this new mall, and this watch shop is pretty unique, I thought I post this. The mall is 1 Mont Kiara and the watch shop is World of Watches 2. 

The watch shop is interesting in that it distributes a number of independent brands and also a couple of German made watches. Among the brands that they carry are U-Boat, Dievas, Junghans and Damasko. Yes, they do carry Damasko. Stock is low, but at least you can see and touch the watches from Damasko. 

They also carry a large selection of straps. Most of the straps are based on the Panerai strap design. They also carry a nice and interesting selection of pre-loved watches. They do carry a number of limited edition Panerai watches. Cool. 

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