Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Yet even more lume shots

This time it is one of my favourite watch, the Marathon LGP or JSAR. It has one of the best lume I have seen. The best thing is that there is no way you can mistake the 12 o'clock position. Other watches uses the 'traditional' triangle to mark the 12 o'clock position. The Marathon chooses to have the 12 o'clock position marked by an Orange marker. And to further reinforce the position, on the rehaut, the 12 o'clock position is marked by 2 luminous dots. One cool watch.

As you can see all the hands are luminous as well and they are slightly brighter as compared to the dial markers. The sweep seconds hand is dual lume in that it has the luminous green 'sausage' and it is further enhanced by the orange luminous tip. No mistaking if the watch is running or not in deep while swimming.

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