Monday, August 22, 2011

Straps, straps everywhere...

I was at Wotancraft today. Finally met up with James. Cool guy. He is one of the people behind Wotancraft together with Alex, Steven and the rest of the Wotancraft team. Nice bunch of people. 

Anyway, went there to have a look at what they had. I wanted to change the rubber strap on the PAM00243 to a leather strap. Let's say that the decision was not an easy one. Why? Just have a look.....

The best part about the place is that they have different watches for you to try the strap on and see how it looks. And not just Panerai watches.

But since we are on the subject of Panerai, some of the available straps and watches to see how they wear.

I ended up with this, the updated (new design) X Flottiglia MAS GR GAMMA 1945 strap. It's the one on the PAM00243. The strap on the PAM00111 is the limited edition (40 pieces) X MAS Originale GR GAMMA 1945 strap. The newer strap is a tad darker as compared to the limited edition strap. 

Have no idea what is the significance of the number 3 but the strap is based on the strap of the Panerai Egiziano (vintage). 

Both straps are extremely comfortable. 

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