Friday, August 26, 2011

Swiss Ammo Strap

This is my first Swiss Ammo strap and I am sure it won't be my last. I got it from my usual place, yes, WotanCraft. I like their products and the people there are just great. 

The strap has a vintage dirty look but I like it. It is very soft and I think it matches the watch well. I will write more about the strap in a review later. 

I have to say that going to WotanCraft is indeed an experience. The bad thing is that the guys there are not just into watches but into photography as well. Photography has been one of my interest but have never really developed it. After going there (WotanCraft) an number of times, and each time I get to play with the Leica M9, I guess I want to develop and perhaps pursue and develop photography as another hobby. 

The guys there are very into 'street photography' and I am learning much from them. So bad was the 'poison' that I picked up a camera that is 'suited' for street photography. No, I did not get a Leica, but got something a lot cheaper. You see in the photograph above. Yes, I got the Fuji X-100. 

The same watch taken with the X-100.

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