Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Panerai Book On-line

Well, not the complete book but an extract from the book by Mario Paci. To those who do not know, Mario Paci was a Quality Assurance Manager with Officine Panerai (up to 1997). He currently collects Pre-V Panerai. 

The book, is part of a limited edition (1,500 copies) 2 volume set Panerai books written in English and Italian. The set consist of 'Panerai Watches from 1936 to 1997' by Mario Paci and 'Panerai in Florence: 150 Years of history' by Dino Zei. 

Anyway, here is an opportunity to view about 30 pages from the book. There are some interesting models shown in the extract. 

Photograph: Amazon

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