Thursday, August 04, 2011

Testing the converted JSAR

This is truly the most unscientific way to test my recently converted Marathon JSAR or Le Grande Plongeur watch. I took the watch along on this holiday trip to test out the watch. I have to say that so far (touch wood) that all is well. 

Well, what did I put the watch through you ask? Well, I have had a number of shower with the watch. So that has been OK. I have also had the watch sitting in a room set at 16 degrees Centigrade for 8 hours and subsequently moved to a room where the temperature was 33 degrees with a humidity of about 60% (and vice versa). The glass immediately fogged up, but it was all clear inside the watch.

I also had the watch go through (with me attached to the watch) about 2 hours of hot, humid tropical rain forest condition. It survived that. I had the watch exposed to rain for about 2 hours, I was in a poncho, but my arm was not. It survived all that. I am happy and have to say that I am liking this more and more.

Well I did say that this is the most unscientific method of testing a watch ever devised. But at least I know it will survive what ever I put it through thus far.

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