Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Mute Watch

This is an interesting concept. A watch called Mute Watch. First a bit about the company behind Mute Watch.

Mutewatch is a Swedish company based in Stockholm. Their goal is to develop products that give people the tools they need to manage their time in a sustainable way. 

So what is so interesting about the watch? Well for a start, the watch looks like a gray (or red or white) rubber strap. But tap it and the strap illuminates to display the time. It is a touch screen watch. How cool is that?

Everything you need to do is done by tapping, gesturing or flicking, much like that popular phone from the fruit company. Have a look at the video (on the website link below) to see how the watch works.

So all these do not answer the question, why call it Mute Watch. Well, the watch has a built in vibrator, which allows you to set the alarm to vibrate at a preset time. But the wow factor doesn’t stop there. It sports a motion sensor, and when coupled with the silent alarm, increases the level of vibration in accordance with your movement. The more you move, the more the watch will vibrate.

The Mute watch is available in red, white and gray for USD375.

Read about the watch here:

The watch.

Photographs: Mute Watch

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