Tuesday, December 09, 2014

Alacria Mini TwoTone from Carl F. Bucherer

The Alacria Mini TwoTone from Carl F. Bucherer represents divine beauty with a splendor that is a nod to the essence of the feminine form.  As true love is the epitome of divine beauty, there could be no better gift this Valentine’s Day season for your loved one.

Photograph: Carl F. Bucherer

This wristwatch features an enchanting fusion of stainless steel and rose gold, as beautiful as the partnership between two lovers.  A rectangular two-toned case (available with or without diamonds) is softened by convex curves, reminiscent of the female shape, and the dial is accented by delicately textured stripes which accentuate the silver-color dial. The result is an ideal union of a magnificent piece of jewelry and an impeccable timepiece.

The timeless classic design of the Alacria Mini TwoTone makes it suitable for any occasion. These feminine pieces are symbolic of the beauty of love, radiating perfection from the inside out.

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