Tuesday, December 09, 2014

My Tron is back...

My kids decided that they did not want my Tron Ice watch. So, it is back with me... yeah. First thing.. re-size the bracelet...

The Tron Ice Watch...

The watch has been re-sized to fit my kids.. 

The spare links.. I have many ... :0

Closer view of the links. Note the direction (unlocking) of the locking pin.

Out with the tool. You can use the punch and hammer, but I am OK with this. 

Disconnect the clasp to gain access to the links. Makes it easier. Make sure you don't lose the spring bar that connects the bracelet to the clasp. 

I will add the extra links to the shorter side of the bracelet. Note the direction of the locking pin. 

The locking pushed out. 

Disconnect the links. Insert the extra links here. :)

I decided to use 2 links. 

Connect the extra links to the bracelet. Do not lock the pin until you have tried on the watch This will prevent unnecessary adjustments later on. 

Reconnect the links. Try out the watch for size, fit and comfort before you lock the pins. 

The clasp centered. 

All done. I am happy. 

Photographs shot with Sony T900.

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