Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Yet another strap review...

I picked this strap up recently as a stop gap measure and boy was it a mistake. The strap is brand-less and did not cost too much. Upfront I have to say that I like the color and the leather... the rest...

Lets look at the positive first...

The strap comes in at 29cm long and is 20mm wide across the strap. The strap is made of leather, but I am not sure what.. Sure it is moo.... :) OH, it is of the NATO design. 

The back... raw. I like. 

The strap is 2mm thick. 

The hardware is steel and have a matte finish. Very low visibility. I like. 

Closer view of the hardware. 

The holes for adjustment is good, clean punch. The straps offers adjustment of 7cm over 12 holes. The holes are punched pretty close together. 

The back.

The buckle is of the sewn-in design. I like. 

Now for the bad...

While the finish, cut of the leather is good, the stitching leaves lots to be desired. Just have a look. It is really bad.

I am not even sure of the quality of the thread used and how long it will last.

It is not even straight. 

The tang on the buckle does not fit the buckle. It does not sit inside the groove on the buckle. All it need is a little trimming. Sigh..

Overall the strap is comfortable but the finish is questionable at best. I plan to take the strap to my favorite strap maker and see what he can do with it. :)

Photographs shot with Fuji X100 on Macro mode. 

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