Saturday, December 13, 2014

Christopher Ward C70-3527GT Chronograph

In partnership with TMB Artmetal we are proud to offer you the chance of owning a small piece of one of the world's most iconic, and not to say valuable, cars - the Ferrari 250 GTO.

Embedded behind museum-grade sapphire crystal in the back-plate of this stunning chronometer is an original piece of exterior panelling from the seventh GTO (only 39 were ever built), which left the Ferrari factory on 22nd May, 1962. The date is actually featured in the watch's tachymeter.

To understand the GTO's importance in the annals of automotive history, one needs only to recall the world record $52 million spent by an unnamed buyer in October 2013 to secure chassis number 5111 GT from Connecticut-based collector Paul Pappalardo.

The chassis number of the C70's car, 3527 GT, gives this strictly limited watch its nomenclature, and this is indicated on the side of the case.

The traditional Ferrari colouring of the beautifully executed dial serves as an impressive overture for the back-plate of the watch. The piece of original metal has been skillfully cut by experts in Switzerland to allow the number 6 from the car's number-plate to be shown in glorious Rosso Corsa livery.

To own a Ferrari 250 GTO is an impossible dream for all but a handful of billionaire collectors and ageing rock stars (Nick Mason of Pink Floyd owns one); but for a fortunate few, the dream can be at least partially realised by owning the C70 3527 GT.

Photographs: Christopher Ward

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