Saturday, December 20, 2014

WotanCraft WWII strap....

It has been sometime since I last reviewed a strap. So today we shall be looking at WotanCraft's WWII 003 strap. I picked up this strap sometime ago and have it fitted to a Tudor Heritage Ranger. I got the 80/140mm, 22mm version. 

Some basic specifications:

Leather: Italian buffalo leather
Stitch color: vintage gold
Thickness: 3.8mm
Keeper type: 2.0cm keeper, floating
Edge finish: waxed edge

Buckle: WWII ammo pouch style buckle

The long side. The width is standard across the length of the strap except towards the tip. The strap tapers at the tip. The flat tip is 15mm wide.

The buckle end. 

The inside of the strap is lined with a darker leather strip. 

Same on the buckle side. 

The 20mm floating keeper. It is very well made and very secure with the cross stitching. Very nice. 

The keeper is designed to look like the buckle strap you find on ammo pouches. Oh, the strap is not made of ammo pouch but modern Italian buffalo leather but made and treated to look like ammo pouch leather. The edge of the keeper is not treated and left raw. 

The strap is signed on the long side, on the inside of the strap. 

The WWII Ammo pouch type buckle. A nice touch indeed. The hardware is made of steel and has a matte finish. The buckle looks like it is made of aluminum.

The buckle has a 'used' look. 

The edge of the strap is wax sealed and the strap has a vintage gold stitching. The strap is well made and the strap will and have began to age (patina seems to be the preferred description).

Some nice finishing like the faux ammo stamping. 

High quality finishing. 

The strap provides about 40mm of adjustment with the holes spaced 8mm apart. 

I have had this strap for sometime now and have it fitted to a number of watches. It is a well made strap. It is very comfortable on the wrist and while the strap looks like it is rough and tough, the leather is actually very soft. More so once the strap is broken in. I like the strap. I like the finishing, the overall quality and the overall feel. 

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