Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Swatch ...battery change.

The Swatch boys in for battery change. The process is basically the same for all the Swatch watches. Open the battery hatch, remove battery and reinstall the battery hatch. 

The boys...

The watches...

The battery hatch on the back. You can find the type of battery used on the case back (not all). 

The new batteries..

You can use an appropriate size coin to open the battery hatch. Makes changing the battery on the field easy..             

The battery hatch is held by 3 locking tabs. You align the tabs with the cut-out and the hatch will 'pop' out.

The battery hatch. Don't forget to put a little bit of gasket grease on the gasket. 

The battery, ready for removal. 

The battery compartment. If you have some 'Rodico', use it to clean the contact point and also the compartment. If not, just use a blower. Don't use your breath, the water vapor can damage the circuits. 

New battery installed.

Same process for other Swatch watch. 

Again the battery compartment. 

New battery installed.

Check the watch works before closing up. For chrono models, there may be a need to re-align the hands after battery change. Refer the Swatch manual on how to realign the hands. 

All done. 

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