Monday, December 22, 2014

Yet another battery change..

This time it is my Trintec GMT Zulu-05 watch. 

Gain access to the case back. Get the right tools...

Closer view of the highly polished case back. The watch features a screw-down case back.

With case back removed...

Ronda powered watch. You will need to remove the white spacer/ battery holder to gain access to the battery. 

The spacer removed. You can now gain access to the battery.

Not too sure why the manufacturer decided to use the spacer with the battery holder as the movement has a lever to hold the battery in place. Double protection perhaps? You will need to push the lever aside to remove the battery. Don't push too hard.

Once the lever has been pushed aside, the battery will just pop out. Remember to clean the contacts.

The new battery. Sadly the shop did not stock Renata batteries. :(

The new battery in place. Note the tab that locks the battery in place. 

Closer view of the movement and the locking tab. 

The spacer back in place. Remember to lubricate the rubber gasket and to check that the watch works before closing up. 

The case back in place. 

And we are done. 

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