Thursday, July 18, 2013


One of the things I dislike about the Seiko Stargate is the rather loose bezel. The bezel will turn even if you rub lightly against anything. So I decided to see if I can do anything about it. 

The Seiko Stargate.

The tool to remove the bezel. Not really the right tool but it will do. 

Since the case is PVD or DLC or ionised black, it is important to tape the side of the case to prevent any damage.

The bezel removed. You can the the ratcheting mechanism. It is held in two places, one at the 8 o'clock position, and the other at 2.

You can also see the notches that provides the ratcheting of the bezel. A simple thin steel plate.

The removed bezel. Lucky for me, the watch has the same 'lock' mechanism as most Seiko, the bezel held by a gasket. 

You can just see the gasket. 

The removed gasket. Looks a tad thin. Could be the reason why the bezel is loose. 

Compare the gasket of the Stargate vs. the gasket of the SKX007 diver. 

So I decided to use the SKX007 gasket. It is thicker, but a tad larger. Perhaps I can squeeze it in. 

Wow, it does sit in the bezel. But at the end of the day.... fail because it is too thick. I need to find one that is in between...

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