Sunday, July 28, 2013

Yet another strap change

This time it is the Omega X-33 turn to have a strap change. Since the X-33 is not the most water resistant watch in the world, I decided to fit it with a leather strap. More reason not to get the watch wet. :)

So, the strap...

Yes, the strap was from the Tudor. 

The Omega X-33.

Get the correct tool out. The bracelet/ spring bar removal head has to be the slimmer one as the gap to access the spring bars on the Omega bracelet is narrow. 

As can be seen from the photograph, the gap is narrow. 

The tool in the gap to remove the spring bars. Some of you may want to tape up the sides of the lugs to prevent scratches. 

The Omega with the leather strap. Looks pretty good actually. 

Another view. 

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