Friday, July 12, 2013

Tissot T Clock

I am really out of touch with what is happening out there. Need to get out more often. :) Anyway, I was out today at Taipei 101 when I spotted this, the Tissot T Clock. Evidently the clock was released in 2012. The clock is a table clock and is powered by a manually wound movement. The movement has 11 jewels and a power reserve of 8 days. And before I forget, it runs at 18,000 kph. 

The reference for the clock is T855.942.39.050.00 and retails for about USD 2,400. To wind the clock, you will need to remove the mineral glass dome. The most interesting aspect of the clock is that the movement is arranged around the T that forms the frame of the clock. How cool is that. 

For more information:

Here is the clock...

The balance wheel at the top of the T.

The hands, at the front of the T. 

Some official photographs:

The clock with the dome on.

Photographs: Tissot

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