Friday, July 26, 2013


One could not go to a shop that sells straps and not get one... or two. Not when they are as nice the ones in Wotancraft. Anyway, I got these when I was there. 

The strap comes in these pouches. 

The straps that I got. A NATO leather strap that comes in at 20 mm and another leather strap at 22m. 

The watch that will get the new straps. The Tudor, reference 7016 and the Black Bay, reference 79220.

Remove the straps and the spring bars. Don't really need special tools, a toothpick will do. Oh, joys of lug holes. 

Put the spring bars back into the watch. 

Remove the longer portion of the NATO strap from the lower loop on the short portion of the strap. 

Loop it through the watch and the loop and it is done. This is what it should look like on the back. 

The strap is signed. Oops, please note that this is not a review of the strap. That will come in time. I will do a long term strap review (got a few to review first). 

Nice. Wotancraft has artificially aged the leather.

The final product. 

Got to love the buckle. Sourced from ammo pouches. 

Yes, while the strap have the 'necessary' ammo markings, it is not an ammo strap. Wotancraft listen to their customers who dislike the tough nature of ammo strap by offering them calf leather straps but with ammo markings. Basically these are pseudo ammo straps. Cool....

On to the next watch, the Black Bay. Sadly the watch does not have the lug holes, so this tool is needed.

The Black Bay, devoid of it spring bars. 

The straps fitted. Immediately it solves a problem that many have with the Black Bay and it being fitted with leather straps. The gap between the top of the strap and the case. 

No more gaps. Well, actually there is, but a 1mm....

Just beautiful. Matches the burgundy bezel (I think).

On the wrist. 

Again the buckle. 

And the ammo markings. I think the strap matches the watch well, a pseudo ammo strap on pseudo vintage watch. 

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